In the desire to share art with the greatest number, we have emphasized quality to make this postcard, beyond its traditional use, a decorative element.

It is double folded, sold with its matching squared envelope, and professionally printed in France on high-end paper.

Dimensions 15 × 15 cm


  1. Erika

    I just wanted to let you know that I received my postcard order yesterday and it was beautiful. The quality of the paper and printing were excellent.

  2. Sophie

    This “Tree of Life” is simply mesmerizing 🙂 Thank you, Anne.

  3. Georges

    My friends were delighted. This is a beautiful card from a beautiful person. It would be a great gift for anyone, one of the simplest but yet most effective.

  4. Ilies

    This beautiful postcard is a treasure to get. I’ve purchased this card in order to send it to a friend who is suffering from the loss of her father. I really like the design and it’s just perfect for sending warm thoughts and love.

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